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How to select inventory location

  • Installing TagMatiks AT Lite From the Apple App Store

    This article covers the basic installation steps and links to download the TagMatiks AT Lite Application for the iOS device. Please follow company policy when installing the app on your iOS device. Provided instructions are for a single installation only

  • Creating an Account

    Steps and required data to register and set the secure password in TagMatiks AT Lite application.

  • How to follow the quick start guide.

    This article explains the fundamental steps when a user installs the application for the first time. It is also very helpful to understand the basics for reader connection and create assets.

  • Getting Setup with the Zebra RFD8500

    This article explains how to Connect the RFID Handheld Reader for the TagMatiks AT Lite Software.

  • Supporting RFID Readers

    This article explains the RFID Readers that are supported for this application. RFID Readers are mainly used for the Transaction and Inventory.

  • Connect the RFID Printer

    Supporting Network, Bluetooth and USB to print the RFID Tag via TagMatiks AT Lite application.

  • How to configure RFID Tag Format

    This article explains how to configure the tag format and options available for tagging in TagMatiks AT Lite.

  • How to enable Sensors

    This article explains how to enable the sensors for the TagMaiks AT Lite application.

  • Adding Custom Asset Fields

    How to add the custom fields in asset

  • How to create Location in TagMatiks AT Lite

    This article helps you understand how to create the Location, Sub-Location, and import the Locations using CSV or excel for the bulk load.

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