TagMatiks AT Lite - iOS Help

Deletion of your Account


RFID4U provides an option to remove your account from TagMatiks AT Lite.

Way 1 to delete your account:

To delete your TagMatiks AT Lite account, simply navigate to the Profile section from the Upper right corner of the application.

Click on the "Delete Account" tab and follow the prompt to enter the word "DELETE" to confirm your decision. Alternatively, if you encounter any issues or prefer assistance, you can reach out to our Customer Success Team, who will be happy to guide you through the account deletion process.

Way2 to delete your account:

You can contact RFID4U on  Success@rfid4u.com to remove your data and delete the account permanently.

The first step in the account deletion process is reaching out to the RFID4U Success team through the dedicated email address:Success@rfid4u.com. Users who wish to delete their TagMatiks AT Lite account can compose an email expressing their intent to do so.

Include Account Information:

To expedite the process, users are encouraged to include relevant account information in their email. This may include their registered email address and or any other details that can help the RFID4U team locate and verify the account.

Verification Process:

To ensure the security of the account deletion process, RFID4U may implement a verification step. This could involve confirming the user's identity through additional information or security questions. This step is crucial to prevent unauthorized deletion requests and protect the user's data.

Confirmation of Deletion:

Once the verification process is complete, users will receive confirmation that their account deletion request has been initiated. RFID4U will then proceed to permanently remove the user's data from our systems.