TagMatiks AT Lite - iOS Help

Setting up Your RFID Device - TSL 1128, 1153, 1166, 2128, 2166


This section contains setup information for using TSL UHF (RAIN) RFID readers with TagMatiks AT Lite. These readers are similar in operation but different in form-factor. The TSL 1153 and TSL 1166 are the same configuration and steps to connect with TagMatiks AT Lite.


You must have a charged TSL UHF (RAIN) RFID reader to continue the setup steps.

Getting Setup with the TSL UHF (RAIN) RFID

Turn ON the reader.

Both the 1166 and 1128 can easily be turned ON by pulling the trigger or pressing the Power button. The connection Status LED will blink blue as indication of the reader being awake and ready to connect.

Figure 01: TSL 2188 Reader
Figure 02: TSL 2188 Reader
Add Bluetooth Device to iPhone or iPad.

You’ll need to pair the reader to your iPhone or iPad device using the iOS Bluetooth pairing process prior to using it with TagMatiks AT Lite.

Open TagMatiks AT Lite and go to the Manage Reader Page. The Manage Reader page is located under the Settings tab. In the Reader Model dropdown menu, select TSL Readers

Select your device and click on the row to connect. Once connected, it will show in a green color text.

Figure 03: Manage Readers
Figure 04: Select TSL 1153 Reader