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Unlocking Your User Account

Why is the User Locked?

User lock feature is a security feature in TagMatiks AT Lite to safeguard user accounts. This mechanism triggers when an individual attempts to log in with an incorrect password multiple times consecutively.

In the interest of protecting sensitive data, after five unsuccessful login attempts, the account is temporarily locked for security reasons.

What to Do if a User is Locked?

In the event that a user is locked of their TagMatiks AT Lite account, there are clear steps to follow:

Wait for 60 Minutes : Initially wait for the 60-minute locked period to expire. This allows the system to reset, providing a clean slate for login attempts.

Contact Customer Success Team : If, after 60 minutes, the account remains locked, users should reach out to the Customer Success Team. The team will guide users through the necessary steps to regain access to their account.

Provide Necessary Verification : To ensure the security of the account, users may be asked to provide certain verification information.This step is crucial to confirm the identity of the user and prevent unauthorized access.

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