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Using eSeal RFID Sensor


The E-seal RFID Tag is a radio frequency device that transmits information when interrogated by a RAIN RFID fixed portal or mobile reader. It combines mechanical security of standard seals with the electronic security offered by RAIN RFID technology.

It is in tamper evidence where the status of the seal (TAMPERED / NOT TAMPERED) is immediately detected when it passes through a RFID gate or mobile reader. Any tampering event is permanently stored in the E-seal chip’s memory . This activates the TAG TAMPER ALARM, which immediately provides the status of the seal either TAMPERED or NOT TAMPERED.

This document describes how to configure the E-Seal sensor in TagMatiks AT Lite iOS application.

  • Latest version of TagMatiks AT Lite installed on your iOS device.
  • TagMatiks RFID Cable E-seal Tag SKU: TAG-ESEAL-T1
Configuring the Sensor profile

1. Open the TagMatiks AT Lite application and login into it and Tap on Settings.

2. Tap on the “Sensor Profiles” option.

3. Sensor profile settings will open up. Select “E-seal” to create the E-seal sensor profile.

4. Enter the sensor profile name and select the “Notification on eSeal Tampered” if you wish to receive notification upon tampering of the asset (enter the registered email ID on which you wish to receive email and tap on save to save the newly created profile).

5. An acknowledgement will appear stating “Sensor Profile details saved successfully.”

6. Tap on the asset option on the dashboard to create an asset.

7. Tap on the “+” icon to create a new asset.

8. Enter the new asset details and tap on the sensor profile as shown in the image below.

9. Select the Sensor Profile.


11. An acknowledgement will appear stating “Asset created successfully”.