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Transaction & Reporting with Sensors


RFID Sensor Tags are RFID tags with built in sensors for data collection including options for temperature, humidity, moisture, impact, tamper and more. The tags can be passive, semi-passive or active.

This article covers the various steps that are involved in transaction and reporting of temperature logger with the TagMatiks AT Lite Application in iOS.This document describes the configuration of Shockwatch RFID sensor with TagMatiks AT Lite application.

  • Latest version of TagMatiks AT Lite installed on your iOS device.
  • Reader should be connected to the device.
  • Temperature logger: SKU: TAG-S or Temperature & Humidity RFID Logger Tag (TAG-S-2)

This article divided into multiple sections

  • Navigating to the Inventory
  • Generating report
A. Taking Inventory with TagMatiks AT Lite.

1. Open the TagMatiks AT Lite application and login into it.

2. Select the Inventory option from the bottom of the screen.

3. Tap on the location where you want to take the inventory of.

Note : For demo purposes in the below image we are taking the inventory of the Support location.

4. Inventory can be started either by pressing the trigger of the reader or by pressing the play button on the screen.

5. After the inventory is stopped, if there is an asset with the sensor tag attached to it, then it will be displayed on the screen as shown below. Tap on it.

6. Tap on the bottom right side of the screen if you wish to stop the logger.

7. Select "Stop All Logger" and tap on "Save All Logs to transfer all the logged data on to the device.

8. Tap on “Complete” to complete the inventory.

B. Generating Sensor Report

1. Tap on Settings and select the Reports option.

2. Select the Sensor report option to generate the report of the logged data.

3. Select the View option to View the logged data of the Sensor Tag.

Note : You can also export the data in the .xlsx,.txt,.pdf or as share activity

4. You can see the generated report as shown in the image below.